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Chaumet Carree
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Chaumet Chronograph
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Chaumet Class One
Class One
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Chaumet Class One Collection
Class One Collection
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Chaumet Dandy
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Chaumet Khesis
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Chaumet Lady's Round
Lady's Round
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Chaumet Men's Day Date
Men's Day Date
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Chaumet Men's Large Chronograph
Men's Large Chronograph
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Chaumet Mihewi
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Chaumet Oval
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Chaumet Rectangle Ladies Diamond
Rectangle Ladies Diamond
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Chaumet Style de Chaumet
Style de Chaumet
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Chaumet Style Ladies
Style Ladies
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Brief Brand History for Chaumet:

The Famous Parisian Jeweler Chaumet is the direct descendant of Official Jeweler to Napoleon. Through more than 200 years Chaumet has created masterpieces for the aristocracy and the elite. The company was acquired in the 1990s by the luxury giant Louis Vuitton, Moet, Hennessy and the watch collection was launched. Despite significant investment in launching and marketing the line market share was minimum. The watches seen today are typically close-outs at excellent price to value ratio.

Product Line Overview:

Since their dive into luxury timepieces in 1995, Chaumet has deftly combined the world's finest gems with its already world famous creativity to create incredibly unique luxury timepieces

The Chaumet rectangular 'Khesis' watch collection was its first, and is available in steel as well as in 18K gold. With or without diamonds, Chaumet's 'Khesis' comes in a number of dial variations, from pink mother-of-pearl to black lacquer with pave diamond center. 'Khesis' is a very versatile, yet glamorous watch, and its white gold model totally set with princess cut diamonds is one of the many 'Khesis' watches that are absolutely unforgettable.

The extremely popular unisex 'Class One', launched in 1998 is the first dive watch collection created by Chaumet. Combining steel, mother of pearl, and black or white diamonds with round dial and rotating bezel, colored gemstones are also featured on some 'Class One' watches. Also sporty, and more classic-looking, the Chaumet ladies' 'Oval' watch is a gorgeous timepiece in 18k gold, glamorous watch in 18K Yellow Gold with quartz movement and sapphire crystal.

Chaumet 'Precious Hours' is a high jewelry limited edition watch collection, featuring watches like the gem and diamond-dialed 'Le Grand Frisson' and 'Attrape tu m'aimes'. The limited edition naturalistic line 'Attrape tu m'aimes' ('catch me...if you love me') features everything insect, from a pave dial with spider web motive, and diamond bezel decorated with a bejeweled spider and bee, to a green 'frandol' pattern pave dial, also covered in bejeweled bees. 'Precious Hours' pieces are definitely showstoppers! Just as glamorous, but less ostentatious are Chaumet's 'Mihewi' collection. 'Mihemio' is a Ladies' 18K gold watch collection that features various diamond decorated 20 x 28mm cased watches.

Other notable collections from Chaumet are the sleek, sophisticated and highly fashionable 'Dandy' (also carries a couple of 'vintagey', art deco-looking models) , the delicate 'Liens de Chaumet', and the classic 'Style de Chaumet'.