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Baume & Mercier Capeland
( 22 items)
Baume & Mercier Capeland S
Capeland S
( 7 items)
Baume & Mercier Catwalk
( 5 items)
Baume & Mercier Classima Executives
Classima Executives
( 53 items)
Baume & Mercier Classique
( 6 items)
Baume & Mercier Clifton
( 23 items)
Baume & Mercier Clocks
( 1 items)
Baume & Mercier Diamant
( 14 items)
Baume & Mercier Epi
( 1 items)
Baume & Mercier Formula S
Formula S
( 4 items)
Baume & Mercier Formula S Mens
Formula S Mens
( 2 items)
Baume & Mercier Gold Coin Watch
Gold Coin Watch
( 1 items)
Baume & Mercier Hampton
( 76 items)
Baume & Mercier Ilea
( 5 items)
Baume & Mercier Linea
( 15 items)
Baume & Mercier Malibu
( 5 items)
Baume & Mercier Oval
( 3 items)
Baume & Mercier Promesse
( 10 items)
Baume & Mercier Riviera
( 35 items)
Baume & Mercier Tonneau Galbee
Tonneau Galbee
( 1 items)
Baume & Mercier Vice Versa
Vice Versa
( 3 items)
Baume & Mercier Vintage Ladies
Vintage Ladies
( 3 items)
Baume & Mercier Vintage Men's
Vintage Men's
( 1 items)
Baume & Mercier William Baume
William Baume
( 3 items)

Brief Brand History for Baume & Mercier:

Baume & Mercier's foundation was laid in 1830 in the Jura Mountains of Switzerland. It rose to prominence in the 1980s under the ownership of the Piaget Family. Notably the first American distributors were the Kaiser and Schwartz families who were survivors of Auschwitz. The brand was acquired in 1993 by Luxury Giant Richemont who also owns Cartier, Mont Blanc, Vacheron Constantin and Piaget. It continues to flourish under this new direction.

Product Line Overview:

Baume & Mercier ('Baume et Mercier') is a mid-range Luxury Brand, offering a complete collection of men's and women's watches in round, rectangular and square casing and in both Steel and Gold.

For women desiring a feminine piece, the Baume & Mercier 30mm 'Ilea' collection gives nine variations from classic Steel on strap, to 2-tone on bracelet, to the diamond adorned.
The famous Baume & Mercier 'Hampton' series caters to both men and women, with three versions; the masculine 'Hampton Classic', the elegant 'Hampton Milleis' line, and the charismatic 'Hampton Square'. The Baume & Mercier 'Hampton Classic' is a rectangular men's line, while the 'Hampton Milleis' and 'Hampton Square' collections include designs for both sexes. Additionally, the 'Hampton Square' also features contemporary, sporty styles.

Elegant and subtle, the Baume & Mercier women's 'Diamant' features thirteen variations, measuring 34.10 x 22.05 mm. Steel, 18K Yellow Gold, or 2-Tone, the 'Diamant' collection is also available with diamonds, on strap or bracelet and with multiple dial choices.

Baume & Mercier 'Classima Executives' are perfect for modern executives. With understated style and subtle elegance, the 'Classima Executives' round-dial watches are available in a range of sizes. Style enriched with handy complications these Baume & Mercier watches are at home in any office or boardroom.

Baume & Mercier 'Riviera' features a dodecagonal case (12 sides for 12 hours). This highly contemporary design is available in Steel, 18K Yellow and Rose Gold, and 2-Tone. Available on bracelet and strap, with and without diamonds, and in various sizes, the 'Riviera' also features many sporty designs, the most well-known being the 4-screw designed 'Icon'.

The exceptional 'William Baume' collection is composed of Limited Edition luxury watches powered by complicated movements specially manufactured for Baume & Mercier.