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Tiffany & Co Atlas Chronograph
Atlas Chronograph
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Tiffany & Co Atlas Dome Lady
Atlas Dome Lady
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Tiffany & Co Chronograph
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Tiffany & Co Mark T 57
Mark T 57
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Brief Brand History for Tiffany & Co:

Although Tiffany has been designing watches for over 100 years, the Tiffany Watch Co. Ltd didn't make its official debut until Baselworld 2009. This launch featured its first collection of timepieces under the name 'The Tiffany Watch Co. Ltd'. Founded in January 2008, the Tiffany Watch Co. Ltd joins the Swatch GroupAs family with the mission to design, manufacture and distribute high-end luxury watches on a par with world famous Tiffany & Co. jewelery. All Tiffany Watch Co. watches are made in Switzerland using the Swatch Group's world class technological expertise and so with Tiffany & Co. watches, you get the best of both worlds; gorgeous classic styling with incredible mechanic and accuracy.

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