The Panerai PAM 211 - Sincere Limited Edition 2004 Brown Dial - Only 50pcs made-15062 ref no.PAM00211 croc is featured on our website. 100% authentic Panerai watches. Brown

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PAM 211 - Sincere Limited Edition 2004 Brown Dial - Only 50pcs made PAM00211 croc

  • Item ID 15062
  • Model # PAM00211 croc
  • Case Steel
  • Case Size 44mm
  • Movement Automatic
  • Dial Brown
  • Bracelet Strap
  • SORRY... but most likely this watch is NOT IN STOCK.


This watch is also known as: PAM211

BIG and classic, manly look!That's exactly the first glance you may utter when you have acquired this Swiss and German made timepiece. Accentuate with steel case and leather brown bracelet. The two mini chronograph design gives additional attraction and the unique dial for time and calendar gives alluring look.
You can be sure everybody will admire you, because of it's catchy look. The leather strap gives balance on steel case. The different look should not be overtaken by the design of the bracelet.
But the bracelet also brings out the best in Panerai model. With this kind of timeline piece, any kind of bracelet, whatever color you wanted to have with this keeps on track, I mean, any alternative color of arm strap that you would like to use never goes out on style.
One thing also that might excites to the wearer while having this watch, is the round mini-like magnifying lens that can easily reads the calendar.
When it happens that you are in the dark, and if you wanted to know what time is it now, that will never be a problem, the green line that serves as number aside from 12 and 6 will glow, so you will know the time apiece as well as the small and big hands.
For sure, the unique look of this Panerai classic timepiece will going to be your best buddy for life.