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Bertolucci Watches

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Bertolucci brand was born when Remo Bertolucci, a young man from Tuscany, fell in love and married a beautiful Swiss woman whose family were watchmakers. In 1987 Remo launched his brand and its debut product the Pulchra (beautiful in Italian). The result was an instant success due to the Italian styling and Swiss craftsmanship. The brand has subsequently been sold several times but the watches from the early nineties continue to be available in the marketplace and are stylish and superb values at their today deeply discounted prices.

Product Line Overview:

">Bertolucci's 'Haute Couture': 'Ouni' is a rare creation, featuring gorgeous colorful jewel-encrusted (diamonds, sapphires, beryllium spessartites & amethysts) cases resembling sea urchins. Bertolucci's large slanted rectangular Gioco is a true work of art. White Gold is paved with 362 full cut diamonds, Rose Gold is framed with 177 diamonds, its center looking like a rose gold geometric 'staircase' illusion. One of the most contemporary, glamorous and artistic watches ever designed. Casual chic Bertolucci models include 'Bella Costa' quartz chronograph, 'Giro' in large selection of movements, finishes and dials, and the oval-shaped 'Serena', one of Bertolucci's most well-known watches. 'Serena Garbo', designed for both sexes, also comes in many variations inspired by the curves of a polished Mediterranean Shore pebble. Bertolucci's most famous watch is 'Pulchra' now named 'VIR'. Charming and comfortable, links of the bracelet also mimic pebbles on a shore

Representing Bertolucci's 4Cs; Creativity, Curves, Comfort and Construction. 'Doppia' is very fashionable, whether with Diamond Lugs, Roman or Arabic Dial, or 2-Tone, there's a 'Doppia' for every woman. Recently added are 'Doppia Animations'; a tribute to nature. 'Doppia Animations Butterfly' is presented in soft blue, 'Doppia Peacock' is combo of silver and pink, bauhinia flower-inspired 'Doppia Bauhini' is mauve dialed.

Bertolucci's 'Distinction' lines are the modern yet romantic 'Volta' (inherited its name from "C'era una volta": "Once upon a time"), the stunning 'Voglia' (seductive black strap winding between glittering diamonds lining the sides of the watch) and the Sporty, Masculine and all black 'Forza' is very hip and also avail in chronograph. Additionally, designed for the woman who likes to be noticed, Bertolucci's 'Stria' is either drenched in diamonds, or amethysts, peridots, topazes and citrines.

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