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How do I know the watches advertised on Essential Watches.com are AUTHENTIC?
Essential Watches is an established business located in Beverly Hills, CA. We are members of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce, the (IWJG) International Watch and Jewelers Guild, and we have been established on Ebay since 1999 with over 99% Positive Feedback. There is simply no way we could stay in business if we were selling fake watches. If you are looking for the real deal, you found the right source.
I see a watch I want. How can I order it?
Call us. We need to first confirm availability - then we can process your order.
What is your return policy?
  1. Our customer satisfaction is our number priority. If there is a problem with the performance of the watch or it was delivered damaged – we will be happy to offer you a refund. However, the watch must not have been worn or altered in any way. You have to inform us about the return within 24 hours after it was received.
  2. If for some reason we sent you an incorrect watch or the watch you've received in some ways is different from the one we advertize – we will issue you a full refund as long as you report it to us within 24 hours after you receive it.
  3. Before returning the item you have to obtain a return authorization (ra) number from our customer service department by calling 1-310-601-7264 ext.
  4. Any returned items without official ra number will not be accepted.
  5. All shipping and insurance fees we incur for sending and receiving the item won't be refunded.
How fast can I get it?
This depends on your mode of payment. The quickest way to get your watch is to simply wire it to us. It's called a bank to bank wire transfer if you aren't familiar with it. We normally receive our customer's wires the same day they are sent. (As long as you send it before your bank's cut off time). If we can confirm with our bank the receipt of your wire transfer – we can ship it to you for next day delivery. You can have your watch as soon as tomorrow! If you pay other ways, such as Credit Card or Checks, a delay is imposed due to security and fraud concerns.
Does the watch come complete with box and papers?
Almost 100% of the time the new watches we sell come with box and papers. For used watches, it varies. It is always clearly marked for each item if it does or not.
I have a trade in. Will you take it?
Absolutely. We encourage trades. Just let us know what you have and what you are interested in acquiring. We normally take in trades at aprox. 80% of its current market value.
How do you ship? Do you insure for the full value?
We prefer to ship via UPS overnight delivery. We use a third-party insurance company, Jewel Systems of San Diego that insures each shipment we make up to $50,000. Over $50,000 we ship via Brinks Armored Service.
I am located outside the US. Can you ship to me? How much duty will I pay?
Of course we have no difficulty shipping to all of our incredible international customers! All international shipments are also shipped via UPS and insured via Jewel Systems of San Diego for their full value. Customs forms are always filled out as instructed by client. For the most accurate schedule of duty rates, check with your country's local tax center.
Does the watch come with a warranty?
Yes. Every watch we sell, New or Used, comes with our in-house warranty. This means that for most new watches, you will get a 1 year warranty and for used watches, you will get a 6-month warranty. Each item is specified on our website.
So your watches come with warranties – but not warranties from the actual manufacturer. Is that correct?
That's correct. We can not legally sell these watches on the internet and imply the manufacture's warranty is valid. That is why Essential Watches warranty department stands behind each watch we sell.
My local authorized dealer can match your price. Can you do better?
Most likely not. In fact, if an authorized dealer can ever match our price we suggest you buy from them. This way, you will get a competitive price AND the factory warranty
How much is shipping?
We use the standard UPS rate sheet plus we add 40cents per $100 for insurance.