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Glycine Airman 17
Airman 17
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Glycine Airman 18
Airman 18
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Glycine Airman 7
Airman 7
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Glycine Incursore Chrono
Incursore Chrono
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Brief Brand History for Glycine:

The Glycine Watch Horology House was Established in Bienne, Switzerland in 1914 and has continued to maintain their classic and high end line, making Glycine a reliable, consistent and well-known brand. Glycine's fabulous mechanical watches, featuring exquisite large-diameter cases, have managed to make it to all four corners of the globe and their combination of tradition and classicism contrasts well with their modern design. Glycine is most well known for their world time watches, a category in which they've been pioneers, and their aviator watches are world class and also extremely popular. Glycine watches are very versatile and they cater to all types, from pilots, to professionals, to men with active lifestyles.

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