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Franc Vila Annual Calendar Big Date
Annual Calendar Big Date
( 1 items)
Franc Vila Chrono Big Date
Chrono Big Date
( 1 items)
Franc Vila Column Regulator
Column Regulator
( 1 items)
Franc Vila Fly Back Perpetual Chrono
Fly Back Perpetual Chrono
( 2 items)
Franc Vila Grand Dateur
Grand Dateur
( 1 items)
Franc Vila Intrepido Chrono Bicompax
Intrepido Chrono Bicompax
( 2 items)
Franc Vila Master Quantieme
Master Quantieme
( 4 items)
Franc Vila Perpetual Calendar GMT
Perpetual Calendar GMT
( 7 items)
Franc Vila SuperSonico
( 1 items)
Franc Vila Tourbillon Planetaire
Tourbillon Planetaire
( 1 items)
Franc Vila Worldtime GMT
Worldtime GMT
( 3 items)

Brief Brand History for Franc Vila:

Handcrafted Franc Vila watches incorporate the latest technology with exceptional know-how, blending horological tradition and revolutionary concepts. Visually, Frank Vila Watches are very modern head-turners, considered contemporary horological art, they are suited to men and women looking to make a statement. Modern, Creative and Definitely worth a look for anyone interested in exceptionally unique Swiss luxury timepieces.

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