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Bovet Chronograph Cambiano
Chronograph Cambiano
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Bovet Dimier
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Bovet Fleurier
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Bovet Sportster
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Bovet Sportster 46
Sportster 46
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Bovet Tourbillon
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Brief Brand History for Bovet:

Swiss Luxury Watch brand Bovet Fleurier SA was launched May 1, 1822 in London, U.K. by Edouard Bovet. Well-known for its 19th century Chinese market pocket watches, today, . Today Bovet produces high-end luxury artistic watches and has become famous for its incredibly intricate dials, engraving and its seven-day tourbillon. Bovet was also one of the first Horologie housed to create skeletonized dials and very decorative movements, and among the first to include a second hand. Uniquely, Bovet traditionally employ female artisans. Bovet Fleurier SA continues to create beautifully designed, crafted and decorated dials, and along with extremely accurate movements, remains popular worldwide.

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