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Brief Brand History for

Bulgari's founder, Sotirio Bulgari, descended from a family of silversmiths in the Greek Epirus region. He moved to Rome and founded his namesake company in 1884. The brand first became known for its silver ornaments. After expanding throughout Europe, Bulgari crafted high jewelry from other metals and precious stones. In the Art Deco period, Bulgari created more of this extravagant high jewelry. In the 1940s, the company began to incorporate more daring colors into its designs. In this decade, Bulgari attracted celebrity clients such as Ingrid Bergman and Elizabeth Taylor.


The 1970s was a decade of international expansion for Bulgari. The company broke into horology with its release of the now famous BVLGARI-BVLGARI watch in 1977. To expand the watchmaking operation, Bulgari Time was established in Switzerland. In the early 2000s, the company acquired Daniel Roth and Gérald Genta. Presently, the company has been influential in the watch industry due to its innovations in thinness.

Product Line Overview

Bulgari's design philosophy fuses Greek and Roman classicism with contemporary style. With this reputation for excellence in design comes impressive watchmaking expertise. In the world of high horology, Bulgari is known for innovation in thinness. In eight years, the company broke eight records with limited watches in the Octo Collection.

The Octo Collection features eight-sided, ultra-thin, sports watches and is one of Bulgari's most popular. The record-setting watches under the Octo name include the thinnest chronograph, perpetual calendar, and minute repeater. The collection is divided into two sub-collections: the Octo Roma and the more angular Octo Finissimo. Additionally


impressive from a watchmaking standpoint is the Grandes Complications Collection, which boasts a number of impressively complex watches. The iconic BVLGARI-BVLGARI watch needs little introduction; its prominent bezel emblazoned twice with its manufacturer's name stands out for its boldness. First released in 1977, the famous design played a large part in Bulgari's place as a watchmaker. The BVLGARI-BVLGARI watch can be found in several materials, including aluminum, titanium, precious metals, and rubber. The Rettangolo was inspired by the Art Deco style of the 1930s. The collection features three-part cases and intricately crafted dials. The Rettangolo is available in several metals, with diamond embellishment, and in 39, 45, and 49 millimeter case diameters. Also reminiscent of another time, the Bulgari Ergon is an avant-garde collection which pairs sports watch features with traditional elegance. Housed in an ergonomically-shaped case, the Bulgari Ergon comes in multiple sizes and metals. The Assioma is a versatile timepiece with a distinctive quadrangular case framed by two bold arched bridges imprinted with the Bulgari Logo. Available in several case materials, the Assioma comes in three sizes. Its smallest size of 36 millimeters is also available with diamonds. Modern and sporty, the Diagono is named after the Greek word "agon," meaning competition. Ranging in case diameter from 29 to 44 millimeters, the Diagono is available with chronograph, tourbillon, dual time zone, moonphase, and retrograde day-date complications. The Diagono Professional Collection's focus on practicality makes it ideal for adventurers. Intended to survive the most extreme conditions, the collection is composed of three condition-specific lines: the Aria (air), Acqua (water), and Terra (earth). The Aria features multiple time zone indications, the Acqua features a unidirectional dive bezel and high water resistance, and the Terra is available with chronograph and retrograde complications. Bulgari's collections of women's watches demonstrate the company's artistic skill in the art of jewelry. For those seeking a more delicate kind of elegance, Bulgari's B Zero 1 is an excellent consideration. From the dainty 22 millimeter cases on a bangle, to the 30 millimeter cases on straps, the B Zero comes in many variations.The distinctive Serpenti Collection is defined by serpent-shaped bracelets with articulated links and a case in the shape of a snake's head. Owing to its highly unique design, the Serpenti is glamorous and provocative. Towing the line between timepiece and jewelry piece, the watch is available in precious metals, with jewel-setting, and with enamel decoration. Retaining its femininity but with a sportier flair, the Alveare comes in a rectangular-set hexagonal case that melds perfectly into a polished bracelet. The Diva's Dream watch accompanies other jewelry pieces from Bulgari under the same name. Precious metals, extravagant jewel setting, intricate dials, and fan-shaped lugs which integrate seamlessly into the bracelet or strap define this collection. Equally singular in appearance is the Lvcea Collection. This alluring collection features marquetry and mother-of-pearl dials and diamond-set red cabochons in the crowns.

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