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All variations of the Big-Bang


Hublot Big Bang offers a remarkably wide array of unique designs by employing combination of materials that have been meticulously selected to form a unique, extraordinary and elegant timepiece never seen before in the world of horology. Renowned as the model that put Hublot back at the top of their game, the Hublot Big Bang chronograph won the prestigious 2005 Design Prize at the Geneva Grand Prix dHorlogerie. This ushered in more awards worldwide as the horological industry recognized the creativity and ingenuity of the Hublot Big Bang. The choices of innovative design is extraordinarily vast from case sizes of 38mm-44mm made of steel, ceramic, gold, PVD, cermet,carbon fiber, hublonium, magnesium, platinum, titanium or tantalum that contains the exquisite HUB caliber automatic or quartz movement. The bezel with its exposed screws comes with diamond and other precious gems in selected models while straps are made from unique rubber that is resistant to sweat, corrosion, abrasion, and water. Hublot Big Bang is, indeed, the fine embodiment of bold innovation and flawless craftsmanship in a luxury timepiece.

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