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Pre-Owned Rolex PVD - DLC Rolex

There is a truly unique look to the Rolex Black DLC Collection that will surely intrigue the beholder. The Black Rolex watches are created using a process called Physical Vapor Deposition. This process results in a thin coating tightly bonded to the stainless steel surface of the watch. There is no flaking off of this material as it is highly durable and will keep its black beauty for years to come. This collection is classified in the active realm of watches and yet commands the respect of the Rolex name. They are even more scratch resistant than their stainless steel counterparts. The Rolex Black DLC Collection has a timeless look with the richness of Rolex. The inner workings are of course of the highest quality with them being a Rolex, and yet are made for the active wearer. They command both an aggressive and yet elegantly understated look all at the same time.