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Jaquet Droz Watches

Brief Brand History for :

In 1738, Pierre Jaquet Droz began clockmaking in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. He soon developed captivating movements with automata and music. In 1758, Pierre traveled to Madrid and presented his clocks to the Royal Court, which was immediately fascinated by the complexity of his creations. The capital generated by this visit funded Droz’s increasingly more impressive automata. His three masterpieces, The Writer, The Draughtsman, and The Musician were brought to royal courts across Europe. The company garnered a great deal of success in China, where it sold watches and automata to the Imperial Court. By 1784, the Droz family was established in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Geneva, and London. Jacquet Droz was the first clockmaking manufacture in the City of Geneva, where he developed high complications. The company’s loss of sales in London and China, the deaths of Pierre and his son, the French Revolution, and the Napoleonic Wars sent the business into financial decline. In the mid to late twentieth century, the Jacquet Droz name was revived and used by a number of manufacturers. After the second failure of the brand, the name was once again revived in 1993. In 2001, the Swatch Group acquired Jacquet Droz. The company retains the signature characteristics it established in the eighteenth century. Jacquet Droz is still known for fine miniature painting, enameling, engraving, and ever-captivating automata.

Product Line Overview:

If you are interested in a watch manufacturer who has been around a long time with a grand legacy of watch making, then you need look no further than Jaquet Droz luxury watches. Pierre Jaquet Droz organized his first watch workshop in 1738. From the first of his creations that were sold in Madrid, he used the money to create Grandes Complications timepieces. He later created the first watch making company in Geneva, Switzerland. This company and its legacy were purchased by the Swatch Group in 2001, but the watches and name have been retained as well as the actual factory and people who do all of the creative manufacturing.

There are four main categories of Jaquet Droz luxury watches. The first, 'La Chaux-de-Fonds 1738' refers to the place where Pierre was born and set up his first shop. Next is 'Londres 1774', which is the connection to his second workshop in London. Third is 'Geneve 1784', where he organized the first true manufacturing works in Geneva. Finally, 'Paris 1785' refers to his fourth workshop. Each category contains a number of models which are all limited editions, many of which are created in either 18 k white gold or 18 k rose gold.

If you are a history buff and can appreciate nearly 300 years of watch making, then the Jaquet Droz luxury watches are timepieces to consider. There are many Complications that are available, including the 'Jaquet Droz Triple Calendar Moon Phase', the 'Jaquet Droz Tonneau GMT', 'Jaquet Droz Chrono', 'Jaquet Droz Tourbillon Power Reserve', and the classic 'Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde'. This last collection is pure poetry as one sees the connection between the hours and minutes dial and the seconds counter in sharp contrast but also inexplicably blended together to make a whole. The use of precious stones, rare minerals, and Grand Feu enameling add the elegance one would expect from Jaquet Droz luxury watches, which combines the legacy of history with the excitement of the future.

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