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Urwerk Watches

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Launched in 1995 by watchmaker brothers, Felix and Thomas Baumgartner, and their artist designer friend Martin Frei, Urwerk was destined to be a luxury watch brand known for creative and artistic aesthetics. Urwerk has gone on to become well known for contemporary and head turning, futuristic-style designs, popular with luxury watch lovers and the fashion world alike. The name Urwerk is compiled of two that are important to the creators. 'Ur' is the city where 6000 years ago, the perception of time was molded by the moving shadows cast by the giant sundials known as the obelisks of Ur. Ur's residents, the Sumerians, decided that the a years passage of these shadows should be split up into 12 units, thus we still today have twelve months in a year and twenty four hours in a day. 'Werk' is German for to work, create, evolve, shape, forge and to arouse emotions. Thus the name 'Urwerk' represents the creation of stimulating, forward thinking and accurate time measuring tools. Pushing the boundaries of haute horlogerie as far as possible, Urwerk's timepieces are bold, extremely modern, incredibly precise and show stopping, while still being classy and versatile. Urwerk is definitely a great choice for any fashion forward man seeking a watch that makes a statement.

Product Line Overview:

* https://www.essential-watches.com/ sells only 100% Authentic Urwerk watches, but is not and does not claim to be an Authorized Dealer of ANY brand advertised on our website including Urwerk. Because we are not an Authorized Dealer for Urwerk, we can not advertise their watches as "brand new". For all intents and purposes, the watches we sell are USED, but are in immaculate - perfect - never sold condition. We specialize in discounting only the highest-grade 100% Authentic Swiss and German timepieces. We trust these timepieces to be of such high caliber that we warranty all "unworn condition" watches for a period of 2 years unless it is sold as a used watch, and in that case, you will receive a 1 year warranty. You CAN NOT expect and WILL NOT receive the factory Urwerk warranty on any watch we advertise. We are the sole warrantor of ALL Brands sold on our website.
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