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Rolex Air King Watches

September 8, 2015

The Rolex Air King is one of the most magnificent watches ever produced by Rolex. With a rich history that encompasses many years, the Rolex Air King managed to survive the fast-paced and ever-changing trends in the world of timepieces, thanks to its distinct and understated confidence. It has often been referred to as the Warrior Watch, and it has a constant stream of followers and admirers because of its simplistic design. It doesn't have the boastfulness and intricacies of other Rolex watches. Spanning a large segment of time, the history of this timepiece can be called as one of the most extensive.

One of the most humbling parts of the Rolex Air King history is when the British Royal Air Force used the Rolex Oyster Perpetual to replace their standard-issue, subpar quality watches. It became part of their proper uniform whenever they are going on a mission. When this reached the founder of Rolex, the exquisite Hans Wildorf, he was so delighted that he created a dedicated line of manual-wind Oysters that can make these brave pilots proud of what they are wearing – something that is fit to reach the sky.

The line was already in production before the war, and there were already several larger watches that were named Rolex Air Lion, Rolex Air Giant, Rolex Air Tiger, and of course, the Rolex Air King. These watches, as their names suggest, follow a particular size, and people think that anything that is related to "air-lines" are large watches. However, a watch that had an approximately 32 mm to 33 mm diameter dial is no longer considered as a large watch nowadays. But during those years, this was considered as something massive. In time, most of these lines never reached worldwide success. However, the company decided to continue one particular model under this line, and that is the Rolex Air King.

The Rolex Air King encompassed a very long streak of popularity, even reaching the 1960s. It formed a mass of admirers and followers who appreciate two things about the Rolex Air King – its simplicity, and the rich history that is enclosed in each timepiece. While it is considered as a simple timepiece, it branches out into many forms and customizations, thus giving enthusiasts more selections and the pleasure of collecting and wearing their own Rolex Air King. For bona fide enthusiasts, one of the most iconic timepieces under the Air Kings is the Air King 5500. With a history that covers thirty-seven years, it is a legacy and a treasure in one exquisite timepiece. Through the years, the Rolex Air King 5500 has been considered as a highly coveted and classic model.

Currently, the Rolex Air King is one of models under Rolex that is still under production. The Rolex Air King is also one of the lines with the lowest price, owing to its association with tough everyday practicality. It is one of the most affordable models ever produced by Rolex. It is a timepiece that is the personification of the legacy of the tough, courageous, and simple fighter pilots of the 1930s.

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