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Rolex Explorer Watches

October 8, 2015

The Rolex Explorer is, without a doubt, one of the most rugged yet elegant timepieces ever created by Rolex. It has been the watch of choice for adventurers and world explorers since the 1950s. Extremely durable, this watch can be worn by traversing the Caribbean, reaching summits, and diving great depths. All these features are enclosed in this handsome piece of a watch that has a great history and style.

Later generationsof Rolex Explorer have been made to withstand temperatures that range from –20 ËšC to over 40 ËšC without damage. As a matter of fact, it has become one of the most favored timepieces from generation to generation, thanks to its durability and timeless design. There were a lot of rumors that revolved around this watch, including the prototype that was intended to be used by the famous mountaineers who reached the summit of Mt. Everest. It is rugged yet elegant. These came in black and white faces, and were primarily sold in North America. Ten years after the conception of the Rolex Explorer, a new version was revealed, and it boasted 1560 caliber movement. New and regular fans were amazed because the product never had an updated version until 1989. The primary difference between the new version from the first model was a dramatic change in movement, plus a stylish oyster bracelet. For a timepiece that is already so ruggedly stylish, any further improvements can be a very welcome addition.

However, the Rolex Explorer enthusiasts were upset when it was announced in 1989 that the Explorer will no longer be manufactured. What they didn't know was that a new and improved Rolex Explorer II is already in the making. Model 14270 was unveiled, and it showcased a brand new and improved case, a freshly conceived movement, and an improved sapphire glass. It was also equipped with 3000 caliber, which considerably improved the overall performance of the timepiece. This amped up a watch that was already considered as a top-performing timepiece into a more capable unit that has been swaying lots of enthusiasts, professionals, and even competitors.

Nowadays, the Rolex Explorer is as stunning as ever. For a timepiece that was conceived for a specific purpose, to be a steady steed wherever and whenever you go, the Rolex Explorer is the fruit of a master concept and a necessity all rolled into one distinct line of watches. It is the epitome of a modern conqueror, who breathes and lives for adventure, and dwells in a world that he can truly call his own. The Rolex Explorer is a heirloom piece that can be passed from one adventurer to anotherand still serve its purpose as one timepiece that is rugged and tough enough to withstand life’s ever-changing tides, and elegant enough to withstand the ever-changing trends.

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