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Rolex Daytona Cosmograph

October 7, 2015

The rich history of the Rolex Daytona Cosmograph started in the year 1963, when Rolex launched a next-generation chronograph called the Cosmograph. It was later branded as Daytona to associate it with the brand's link and as an official timepiece for the Daytona International Speedway located in Florida. The new Cosmograph is a line dedicated to racing drivers who clearly deserve such a distinctivetimepiece among professional watches. This is a category created by the company about ten years ago, in 1953, and it includes a line dedicated to mountaineers and explorers, as well as the coveted Submariner, which is specifically designed for deep-sea diving.

Rolex invented the singular name and immediately created a single dedicated model with an equally remarkable and innovative style. The chronograph counters are easily noticeable due to the strong color contrast, which is typically black on a lighter colored dial, or vice versa. It showcases a tachymetric scale, which is a gradation that allows the measurement of speeds over a provided distance using the second hand. The dial has been simplified and is well-appointed, and the strong influenced of these consideration are reflected in the creation of a significantly legible chronograph. This feature is one of the most challenging ones to achieve during that time. The Cosmograph also received a sporty appearance, which makes it easily recognizable.

In 1939, a waterproof Oyster case was implemented for a chronograph. From there, new dials were added to the list, thus expanding the family and range further. One of the most prominent and special versions is the Paul Newman dial, in commemoration of the American film star who was also a racing driver. Paul Newman is a masculine style icon, and this image is a perfect match in defining the heritage of the Daytona Cosmograph. The design of his preferred dial features improved legibility even under the most unforgiving racing conditions. An additional inscription was included on some dials during the early years of the Rolex chronograph – the inscription of the word Daytona. It became the symbol of the close connection of the timepiece model to the world of motor racing.

After over fifty years since the model was conceived, the Rolex Daytona Cosmograph became the first model in the Rolex professional range that comes in platinum, which is considered as one of the most sought after precious metals, tastefully fitted with an ice blue dial, which is exclusively available only to platinum models. It also comes with a monobloc cerachrom bezel, which is one of the Rolex-exclusive innovations that perfectly combineresistance and aesthetics. Coming from its humble beginnings fifty years ago, a beginning that started from a passion of racing, a continuous endeavor for improvement, and a benchmark of quality and functionality, the Daytona legend lives on for the next generation to admire and own. It is one of the most resilient models of timepieces that are still available in the market. And with several variations to choose from, it is a timepiece that is enclosed with a vision, a history, and a passion, tastefully crafted into one.

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