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Brief Brand History for

In 1993, Fawaz Gruosi founded de Grisogono in Geneva, Switzerland. Gruosi specialized in black diamonds, and his business at first focussed solely on jewelry. In 2000, de Grisogono released its first watches. These were inspired by Gruosi’s history in the black diamond trade. Consequently, they used darker cases and dials. De Grisogono applied its expertise in high jewelry to timepieces, creating elegant watches with exceptional jewel-setting.

Product Line Overview

De Grisogono produces several masculine watches with bold, contemporary designs characteristic of the jewelry house. The Fuso Quadrato Collection features an inventive way of displaying a second time zone with a mechanism that can reveal or conceal the function as the wearer wishes. The Instrumento Collection includes multiple complications and daring designs housed within prominent, rectangular cases. The Instrumento Doppio Tre, for example, is a watch with a revolvable case that allows it to display three time zones. The Uno Collection features tonneau case shapes. The New Retro Watch has a rectangular case shape and crown at twelve o'clock.

As a proficient jeweler, de Grisogono has considerable prowess in the art of gem setting. This art is extravagantly displayed in the company's numerous ladies' watch collections. These collections include the Instrumentino, a smaller version of the Instrumento. The Be Eight Collection includes timepieces in the shape of a figure eight set with precious gemstones. The Boule Watch features a unique, round case on a chain, precious metals, and precious stones. The Allegra Collection hosts colorful, jewel-set watches in unconventional case shapes.

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